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Single-family and multi-family houses

We focus on energy-saving and thus resource-saving supply and disposal systems. Our customers do not have to be aware of the systems to enjoy their comfort and convenience.


Production Facilities | Laboratories | Office and Administration Buildings

The supply of technical infrastructure combined with our installation provide for ideally tempered office rooms or for highly clean air in modern laboratories and industrial buildings.


Airports | Theatres | Universities | Clinics | Swimming pools

With our complex process from planning to installation, together with our comprehensive service, we have only one goal: clean water in bathrooms and hygienic cleanliness in clinics.

99,98 % Energy

The most important processes on our earth are driven by the radiant energy of the sun. This celestial fire, which seems so familiar and yet so eternal to us, is what gives rise to all life in the first place. About 99.98 % of the total energy contribution to the Earth’s climate comes from the sun.


Energy: 6,318 x 107 W/m²
Temperature: 6100 °C

1,367 kW

1.367 kW is constantly available to us on average per square metre. And despite the unimaginable five billion years that this energy is expected to remain with us, it is now more than ever our task to deal with the possibilities of its use sensibly.

Heating systems

Oil and gas condensing technology, district heating systems, steam systems, heat pump heating systems, solar thermal systems


The demands on the energy efficiency of modern heating systems are growing continuously. Rising global energy demand, scarcity of raw materials and increasing environmental pollution are contributing to the fact that the efficiency and pollution limits of today’s systems must meet ever stricter requirements. In this context, improvements in the installation of heating systems are just as important as the optimisation of the devices by the manufacturers.

At heima, we are aware of the potential savings and the resulting possible cost reductions that can be achieved with an optimally adjusted and regularly maintained heating system. To gain the maximum from the full power of solar energy, we consistently turn to new technological methods and systems. We install solar thermal systems, also in combination with other biomass heating systems, as well as photovoltaic systems for electricity generation.

71.00 % Oceans

Billions of tonnes of frozen water at the polar ice caps and many billions more in the oceans and atmosphere leave no doubt: our world is largely a world made up of water. This element of life is our global air conditioning system. Water transports heat and energy over gigantic distances and thus heats entire continents.


Area: 52,000,000 km²
Temperature: -55 °C

362 m. km² Surface

Ice and snow cool huge regions and keep the world in balance. Understanding the water cycle and using the knowledge of the world’s best thermostat in modern building technology offers the chance to use precious resources in a targeted way, so that this great cycle can be preserved.

Air conditioning and sanitation systems

Cooling ceilings, chilled metal ceiling sails, air conditioning fans, water cascades, water treatment, sanitation systems for residential, office and industrial facilities


Of the gigantic quantities of water on earth, only a small part is available as fresh water, and an even smaller part as usable drinking and domestic water supply. The economical use of this precious water is therefore both an obligation and an incentive for us.

Whether for sanitation, heating or air-conditioning systems – our specialists for building services and building construction ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible, from the planning phase to installation and maintenance of the systems.

78.08 % Nitrogen

The properties invisible, colourless and odourless makes it sound like it doesn’t even exist. However, we all know how vital for us it is: air. From a physical point of view it is merely a mixture of gases, but its largest components nitrogen and oxygen are essential for breathing, nourishment and thus for the existence of almost all living beings.

Earth's atmosphere

Mass: 5.15 x 1018, Nitrogen: 78 %, Oxygen: 21 %
Argon: 0.93 %, Carbon dioxide: 0.04 %

20.95 % Oxygen

It is both the most dynamic and the most sensitive element.

Even small changes in the volume ratio of its gases can have major effects. Air is also the medium for such wonderful things as the sound of music and the smell of fresh food, in other words an indispensable part of nature.

Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems for office and industrial buildings, ventilation systems for living spaces, pollutant extraction systems


The average Central European spends nine out of ten years of his or her life indoors. It is therefore essential that we raise the quality of our indoor air to a level as close as possible to its natural quality. Modern ventilation systems can fulfil this requirement.

As experts for such systems, we at heima know exactly which systems and ventilation concepts provide the optimum benefit for the respective needs of a particular building.
If necessary, we also combine modern ventilation systems with heat pumps, to be able to additionally use the storage capacity of air for energy generation.

510 m. km² Surface

Soil, and what nature produces from it, is one our most valuable energy stores. Young, renewable forests are among the most effective carbon sinks, and soil in its natural form can store large amounts of energy.

The Earth

Total: 510 million km², forests: 44.5 million km²,
CO2 absorption: 6kg/tree/day

44.5 m. km² Forest

For the establishment of sustainable technical systems, it is not only the sheer amount of stored energy and its permanent renewal that is important. The efficiency with which the forest system extracts energy from the sun’s power and the water in the soil, and to see how ergonomically nature’s conduits transport this energy, is always a source of insight.

Geothermal systems

Geothermal heat collectors,
Bored piles, geothermal energy probes


The amount of CO2 released when wood is burned is no more than is produced during natural decay in nature. The use of wood and other biomasses for heating, as in a pellet heating system, is therefore a fully-fledged alternative to other fuels, taking the sustainable management of the raw materials into consideration. We extend the effectiveness of this system by adding the solar energy component, so that the two elements once again work together as they do in nature.

With wood-solar coupling, in which an electric boiler is integrated into the system as a back-up energy supplier, you as a consumer are thus completely independent of fossil fuels.

We also offer innovative solutions for the direct use of energy stored in the ground in combination with the elements water and air to ensure the supply of building, by means of modern heat pump systems.