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Perfect technology
you can rely on.

What we have achieved is characterised by the fact that our customers do not have to consciously be aware of any of it and can use their accustomed comfort. The results of our work ensure ideally tempered offices, clean water in bathrooms, hygienic cleanliness in clinics or ultra-clean air in modern laboratories and industrial buildings.

What we provide is a complex process that, from planning to installation, combined with our comprehensive service, has only one goal: Providing modern buildings with a technical infrastructure that is optimally tailored to the needs of its users, both functionally and economically.

who build

We achieve this goal based on the knowledge and performance of our more than 110 employees who, as specialists in their field, form the basis of our economic success. In more than 30 years, we have been able to shape our experience in the development, planning and installation of building technology into a company that can flexibly adapt to specific requirements. In cooperation with renowned manufacturers, we guarantee our customers an optimal solution at the highest technical level and a comprehensive and competent service – even around the clock if required.

What we will achieve in the future is largely determined by the growing demand for a sensible balance between economic and ecological factors in building infrastructure. We consistently focus on energy-saving and thus resource-saving supply and disposal systems. We closely follow advances in research and development and offer scientists and engineers access to our practical knowledge for their work.

New solutions in harmony with nature.